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Take the Guesswork Out of Moving to Costa Rica.


Many people dream of moving to Costa Rica, but they don’t realize how difficult, confusing and stressful the process can be. Moving to another country is an exciting quest, but the journey is loaded with risks. Many decide to move, only to encounter many problems along the way. Others just pick up and go, without really understanding what they are getting into, only soon to return home. Yet others do extensive research and planning on their own, but still run into surprises and setbacks because they never reached out to people who have already moved or to experts who can lend assistance and provide valuable input.

Finding a place in Costa Rica to live isn’t easy either. If you decide to rent, finding a long-term rental is especially difficult and time-consuming. And, if you decide to buy, purchasing real estate in Costa Rica isn’t just like back home – not as easy, not as safe. And, in Costa Rica, you have to be a million times more careful with choosing an agent, an attorney, a builder, an escrow agent and other professionals than you normally would back home.

Start your new life in Costa Rica today.