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Help You Relocate

Our Preferred Provider network includes companies, such as movers, that can help you relocate to Costa Rica. Also, we offer a number of informative articles regarding relocation to Costa Rica, such as a moving checklist, which can help you figure things out such as whether to ship your car or purchase one there, how to [...]

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A Professional Closing Experience

Once everything is ready for the closing, your attorney will prepare all of the necessary documents including a purchase and sale transfer deed, a power of attorney and a closing statement. Your attorney will provide you with a closing binder containing all documents related to your purchase. Finally, your attorney will issue a title and [...]

A Professional Closing Experience2016-11-19T10:14:30+00:00

Thorough Property Due Diligence Prior to Closing

Even though your attorney has already done some initial fact-checking, we recommend that you consider asking your attorney to perform thorough pre-close due diligence (this is an expense paid by you at closing, but at a discounted price since you are a MyPlace client). Pre-close due diligence includes a comprehensive title review to ensure that [...]

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Make An Offer That Makes Sense

The offer process Once we’ve finished the initial fact checking and you’re ready to move forward with a purchase, your Preferred Provider attorney will kick off the negotiation process by presenting a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to the seller. The LOI includes an offer with all terms and conditions. Once the seller accepts the [...]

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Conduct a Thorough and Targeted Property Search

The initial search phase is an exciting time. Not only do you begin to look at properties, you can begin visualize what it might be like to own a fantastic property in Costa Rica. The timeframe varies significantly…you might find the place of your dreams in short order, or it may take a few months. [...]

Conduct a Thorough and Targeted Property Search2016-11-19T10:14:30+00:00

Fact-Check Properties Before You View Them

Initial fact-checking is legal jargon for “making sure there aren’t hidden problems.”  When purchasing property in Costa Rica, property fact-checking is traditionally part of the closing – and typically after negotiating the price and arranging financing. But, unfortunately, if issues are discovered at this late point, it can derail the purchase process. For example, if [...]

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Carefully Screen the Properties Before your Agent Presents Them

Your Preferred Provider agent will carefully screen a property based on a number of criteria before they present it to you for consideration, including: Does it match your stated wants and needs? Is the property in good or better condition? Is the property attractively priced? Does the property’s development/neighborhood have a good reputation? Are there [...]

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How We Screen and Vet Our Preferred Provider Agents

Our Preferred Providers go through a rigorous due diligence process. For example, our agents must have the following qualifications before they can even be considered membership in our network: Agree to an in-person or video interview (if we don’t already know them) Have a minimum of 10 years experience Have a physical office Are full-time [...]

How We Screen and Vet Our Preferred Provider Agents2016-11-19T10:14:30+00:00

Enable Access to Our Preferred Providers

Our Preferred Provider network is comprised of companies such as the following. MyPlace clients can access our network for any needs related to your purchase. Realtors Legal/closing services Property managers Builders Surveyors Banks Financing resources Home services (gardeners, housekeepers, plumbers, repair persons, etc)

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Guided Referral Process: we’re with you all the way

The Guided Referral process begins once we know who you are and what you are looking for. We won’t just hand you off to a realtor and then vanish. Instead, our unique Guided Referral process allows us refer you to an agent who is uniquely suited to help you. Also, we want to make sure [...]

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