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Buy a Home in Costa Rica

Many dream of buying a home in Costa Rica. Purchasing a home in another country is an exciting quest, but the journey is loaded with risks. Many attempt a purchase, only to encounter problems along the way…with the agent, the seller, the attorney or the property itself. And some even run into fraud, assuming that property buying is as safe as it is back home.

About half of MyPlace Members who move to Costa Rica decide to purchase instead of rent. Why? Right now, Costa Rica is hot…many people want to move, and many people want to buy. As a result, we’re seeing prices go up. So, many people want to buy when they first move to avoid paying higher prices in the future. Other Members who move buy right away because long-term rentals are in short supply. And, some Members choose to buy at the time of the move for other reasons: they don’t want to move twice. They want the peace and security of owning the property they live in.

Now, there is a safer, easier way. MyPlace takes the guess-work out of buying property in Costa Rica. MyPlace has created a Preferred Provider network of the best realtors, attorneys, builders and other providers in Costa Rica – vetted, screened, proven, reliable, trustworthy. MyPlace affords its members these benefits:

MyPlace was formed to make buying property in Costa Rica easier and safer. MyPlace offers the following benefits to its clients. Join now and get ready to buy Costa Rica property the smart way.

  • We spend time to understand your wants & needs: MyPlace conducts an in-depth assessment of your dreams, wants and needs even before you meet an agent or look for property
  • We match-make: an agent from the MyPlace Preferred Provider network is matched with your needs and wants
  • You won’t go through it alone: we don’t just hand you off to the agent and disappear. Using our unique Guided Referral process, MyPlace works alongside you and the Preferred Provider realtor to ensure a successful property search
  • Our Preferred Providers are the best: the MyPlace Preferred Provider realtor network consists only of the most experienced, reputable real estate agents with long histories of business success and quality customer service. MyPlace Preferred Provider agents must pass a number of qualification and screening hurdles
  • Our Preferred Provider network is broad: the MyPlace Preferred Provider network extends well beyond realtors. In fact, the following types of companies are in the MyPlace Preferred Provider network. MyPlace uses the same levels of due diligence to select all Preferred Providers, whether they be attorneys, escrow agents, builders, property managers, interior designers, security services or housekeeping services
  • We’re serious about property due-diligence: the legal firm which assists MyPlace clients starts the due-diligence on properties deemed of high interest prior to the initial showing, bringing forth any issues early in the search process. Our partner legal firm also conducts a second, more thorough round of due-diligence just prior to closing
  • You’ll save money at closing: MyPlace clients take advantage of discounted preferential attorney rates and closing fees
  • We’re with you after the sale: MyPlace offers a Preferred Provider network of property managers, should you choose to rent out your property after purchase. And, if you decide to decorate, remodel or rent out your property, MyPlace offers its members a network of experienced and reputable interior designers, furniture stores and remodelers
  • Access to properties we’ve researched: MyPlace clients receive a monthly email newsletter Top Picks – properties we’ve researched, performed due diligence on and identified as definitely worth pursuing
  • Notification of foreclosures we’ve vetted: MyPlace clients receive a second monthly newsletter Prime Foreclosures, a very limited number of foreclosures that we’ve vetted
  • You’ll save money when you travel: MyPlace clients enjoy discounted air, lodging and transportation when traveling to search for properties, attend your closing or checking on construction progress
  • You’ll learn a lot: MyPlace provides a free education about buying and owning property in Costa Rica. MyPlace delivers to its clients through email relevant information, tips and suggestions throughout the property search and purchase process
  • You’ll save money at resale: MyPlace has negotiated discounted resale commissions with its Preferred Provider realtors, so if you sell your property within 36 months of purchase, you’ll pay a discounted commission

MyPlace Costa Rica is an easier and safer way to purchase a home in Costa Rica, and a way for buyers to not go it alone. Let the MyPlace team help you find your place in paradise – easier, safer, with a trusted team by your side.


Start your new life in Costa Rica today.