If you desire, our Preferred Provider travel company can provide discounted hotel, transportation when in Costa Rica searching for properties, attending your closing or checking on construction progress. All arrangements are made with pre-vetted hotels, transportation and tour operators.

Travel Description – Pacific Trade Winds does not book airfare.  They will extend us a 10% commission on travel sales which we can pass along (all or in part) to the clients if we wish.

Prior to a trip, each MyPlace client receives a free high-quality map of Costa Rica, courtesy of Toucan Maps, which produces the best selling, most detailed map of Costa Rica available anywhere.

When MyPlace clients travel in Costa Rica, our Care Network is available 24/7. Care Network members are standing by to assist you with solving problems like car break-downs, sudden illnesses, lost valuables, delayed luggage, etc. Our care network offers support in almost every city and town across Costa Rica (some exclusions exist).